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Guest-editor: Lucy Bullivant. Published by AD/John Wiley.

Review by Regine Debatty on World Changing*.

4dsocial was launched at Tate Modern on 8 Sept 2007 at Softspace: Contemporary Interactive Environments, a conference curated and chaired by Lucy.

A new breed of public interactive installations is taking root that overturns the traditional approach to artistic experience. Architects, artists and designers are now creating real-time interactive projects at very different scales and in many different guises. Some dominated public squares or transform a buildings façade - others are more intimate, like wearable computing. All, though, share in common the ability to draw in users to become active participants and co-creators of content, so that the audience becomes part of the project.

Investigating further the paradoxes that arise from this new responsive media at a time when communication patterns are in flux, this title features the work of leading designers, such as Electroland, Usman Haque, Shona Kitchen and Ben Hooker, ONL, Realities: United and Scott Snibbe. While many works critique the narrow public uses of computing to control people and data, others raise questions about public versus private space in urban contexts; all attempt to offer a unique, technologically mediated form of 'self-learning' experience, but which are the most effective concepts in practice?

Editorial: Helen Castle
Introduction: Alice in Technoland by Lucy Bullivant
Beyond the Kiosk and the Billboard by Lucy Bullivant
Distinguishing Concepts: Lexicons of Interactive Art and Architecture by Usman Haque
Playing with Art by Lucy Bullivant
Otherwise Engaged: New Projects in Interactive Design by Mark Garcia
The Architectural Relevance of Gordon Pask by Usman Haque
Wearable Technologies, Portable Architectures and the Vicissitudes of the Space Between by Despina Papadopoulos
Shadow Play: The Participative Art of Scott Snibbe by Lucy Bullivant
Illuminating Embodiment: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Relational Architectures by Maria Fernandez
I am a Camera: Electroland by Hugh Hart

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