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Urbanista partners with China Britain International Design Week 2016, 3-4 Oct 2016

  1. The Crystal Siemens Global Centre of Competence
  2. 3-4 October 2016

China Britain International Design Week 2016

China has become the world's second largest economy and the world's largest manufacturing base since the economy reform in 1978. The term 'made in China' often refers to copy and low-quality products. Transforming from 'MADE IN CHINA' to 'CREATED IN CHINA' is the main challenge to raise the competitiveness of Chinese products and developing creative industry is the key to be successful. The Chinese enterprises are in the urgent need of world class creative designs, thus we created China Britain International Design Week (CBIDW) to provide the best platform for dialogues and communications.

28th March 2016 marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. The past year witnessed the UK becoming the first among major western countries to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which opened the prelude of China-UK cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative. The past year also witnessed Chinese President Xi Jinping paying a "Super State Visit" to the UK, which unveiled the "Golden Era" in China UK relations.

A new era requires new thinking. By 2013, there were 193 approved pilot projects of smart cities in China. Smart city has been viewed as a key strategy to promote creativity, technology, business and sustainable urbanisation. We are confident that with the support of both our governments and our business communities, China and the UK will enhance the synergy between their respective development strategies and expand cooperation within the framework of building smart cities for the future.

The launch of China Britain International Design Week this year in October will provide a unique platform to strengthen ties between individuals, organisations and governments in a variety of sectors including smart cities, architecture, engineering, built environment, transportation and industrial design.

China Britain International Design Week Exhibition and Conferences demonstrate the very best of China-UK creativity and how Chinese companies are excellent partners to do business with British across a variety of sectors including:

  • Smart Cities
  • China & Britain Low Carbon Future Cities
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Infrastructure & Engineering
  • Automotive & Transport Design (electric cars and high-speed trains)
  • Industrial & Product Design
  • Fashion Design

Strategic Objectives:

  • Promote the creative economies between China and Britain.
  • Promote the communication between the Chinese and British Creative Industries.
  • Increase the international cooperation in the creative industries between China and Britain.
  • Encourage the emerging creative businesses in China and Britain through international collaboration at the highest level.
  • Create a two-way platform for trading the creative content to enhance the efficiency, productivity and viability of the companies involved.
  • We help talented industry leaders, innovators, designers, academics and researchers to achieve their dream of changing the world by bringing their research results to the international audience and facilitating potential investment and partnership opportunities.
Crystal Siemens Global Centre of Competence. Architects: Wilkinson Eyre