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Lucy Bullivant gave a talk at the Lightscapes symposium, Barcelona, 6-8 October 2008, curated by José Luis de Vicente and staged by Arquinfad.

'Lightscapes: the new dimensions of light' considered the reality that through the accelerating development of new technologies, the rise in spectacular architecture and the need to create a new iconography of the city of the 21st century, the role of light in the city is undergoing a major shift. Designers, architects, urbanists are starting to use light technologies with a different goal to ones we have been used to before: to turn light into the new sensitive skin of cities. The blurring of the limits between the language of lighting and the moving image is also launching the age of dynamic architecture, where the city registers and visualises different activities taking place inside it. Lightscapes brought together light artists, architects, interaction creatives and design critics to discuss and explore the possibilities and risks arising from this transformation.

James Clar, All Work and No Play, 2007, Dubai

Pablo Valbuena, Augmented Sculpture series

The symposium featured presentations by Lucy Bullivant, James Clar, Pablo Valbuena, José Pérez de Lama/, Matt Clark/United Visual Artists (UVA), Rogier van der Heide/Arup, Moritz Waldemeyer and Jason Bruges.