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Lucy speaking at CITYx 2015, the TEDxVienna Salon

CITYx, TEDxVienna Salon, 23 June 2015, 5pm-

Venue: MAK - Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst Gegenwartskunst - Weiskirchnerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria     @TEDxVienna

'CITYx is an idea, an invitation, and an experiment. It is where we live and who we are. It is our joys and dreams made manifest. CITYx is where we illuminate our blind spots, set fire to our assumptions, and reinvent the world we make in our image. CITYx is TEDxVienna's annual salon event concerning all things urban. In 2015, CITYx turns its attention to cities of the future and the future of cities.As in mathematics, the x in CITYx stands for the variable, the unknown, the possible. It also, as in TEDxVienna, means "independently organized."

Cities are complex systems where much is variable and many things are unknown. Yet they are also living laboratories in which countless individual actions create infinite possibilities. With the majority of the global population now living in urban areas, the future of humanity appears to be an urban one. But what kind of urban future awaits us?

In all likelihood, it won't be a gleaming fantasy technoworld of flying cars and robot servants, but the far more transformative spectre of runaway climate change, resource depletion, energy scarcity, economic instability, and social and political upheaval. Our cities, our human civilization, will be even more profoundly different a century from now than they were a century ago. Are opportunities hiding in the daunting challenges ahead? Which ideas, if spread, could still make tomorrow better than today?' (CITYx)