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Lucy speaks at the Moscow Urban Forum, 2016

  1. Moscow Urban Forum 2016
  2. 30 June 2016
  3. 2.30-3.15pm
  4. Leonidov Hall

The evolution of the megacity planning model. Russia and international practice

The revision of Moscow's general plan regarding the development of new territories and the rules of land, is expected to be completed in 2016. Once it is approved, it is near impossible to add changes to the final document, what somewhat concerning considering the quickly changing environment. How relevant is such an approach to general planning? Isn't it time to implement a more flexible system? What is the international experience in the field of megacity planning?


Alexander Antonov
Board Member, Russian Urban Planners Association NPO


Alexey Muratov
Partner, Strelka CB
Engelbert Lutke-Daldrap
Secretary for Construction Engineering and Housing and Utility Infrastructure, the Department for Urban Development and Environment, Senate of Berlin
Enrico Fontanari
Professor of Urbanism, IUAV University, Venice
Lucy Bullivant
Author, 'Masterplanning Futures'
Sergey Kuznetsov
Chief Architect of Moscow city (presentation of General Plan of Moscow)
Sergey Kuznetsov Lucy Bullivant Left to right:
Engelbert Lutke-Daldrap
Lucy Bullivant
Enrico Fontanari