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Lucy Speaks On Masterplanning And Urban Growth at Smart City Expo Casablanca, 18-19 May 2016

18-19 May 2016, Smart City Expo Casablanca

Lucy is speaking at Smart City Expo Casablanca: open, innovative and inclusive cities, 18-19 May 2016 as part of the Masterplanning and urban growth session, Thursday 19 May, 3-4.15pm, with Francisco Viñez Argüeso, Director of Strategic Projects, Innovation and Public Works, Bilbao City Council, and M. Hitcham Berry, Director of Urban Policy, Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy, Morocco. The speakers will respond to the following points: "urban growth and urbanization patterns challenge the way we have been planning cities. Masterplanning is faced with new questions to be answered and this session explores. new approaches to make urban planning a more inclusive, agile and ambitious process to respond to the new needs of rapid urban population growth."

Smart City Expo Casablanca is held at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca.

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Why the Smart City Expo is being held in Casablanca:

Casablanca is a metropolis known for its vitality and economic dynamism, international scope, and an African emerging financial hub. It has been selected as an IEEE Core Smart City, thanks to its frugal, social and sustainable smart city concept, based on the establishment of public-private-people partnerships with citizens as actors in and builders of their smart city. Casablanca is currently one of the most important financial hubs in Morocco and North Africa, with a positive business climate, a competitive area for the promotion of investment and wealth creation that gives to the city a privileged position in the economy and industry. A city of knowledge across the African continent, Casablanca is the largest pole of higher education and the first city in terms of number of student, in Morocco. Pioneering in terms of urban planning, innovation and social diversity, Casablanca is a cosmopolitan city by its culture, heritage and architecture.
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Mosqué Hassan II, interior,
2015, © Gilles
Hassan II mosque, Casablanca, 2013,
© René Leubert
Casablanca, 2015,
© Ronald Woan

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