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Metropolitan Landscapes

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Lucy is curating an exhibition on new landscape design for public spaces in London to be staged in 2009.

Once the metropolis and green landscape were conceived as antithetical, and more recently landscape design was regarded as a mere add-on to buildings which gave the city identity, but now we are now moving into an era where landscape is viewed productively as a layer of urban space.

Tonkin Liu: Promenade of Light,
landscaped walkway in Old Street, London EC1

First-rate landscape design is firmly back on the agenda of many local authorities and developers in London and other UK cities. The traditional focus on its picturesque qualities has shifted towards a closer, more proactive relationship with urban design, and a new cultural priority for London's green spaces can be said to be slowly emerging which regards landscape as a means of opening up neglected districts, of improving biodiversity, spatial permeability and social amenity. The challenges of urban growth are not met by treating nature solely as a cosmetic prettifier. Instead landscape is being seen increasingly by designers as a means to change a city's metabolism, playing a fundamental role in the longer term timescale of urban evolution.

West 8: visualisation of Jubilee Gardens, London SE1

The exhibition is designed by architect Marco Guarnieri and an accompanying publication will be produced.

Gross.Max.: Potters Field Park, London SE1

Support for the project is being sought from the public and private sector. Those interested in getting involved should contact Lucy Bullivant.