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Lucy's essay, Old Town New Town-No Town?: Gross. Max's pitch for a sublime new world, is published in the catalogue accompanying Northern City (Between Light and Dark), an exhibition at the Lighthouse, Glasgow (to 4 March 2007), touring to Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Florence (12 March-6 April 2007) and other venues to be announced.

Edinburgh is a city whose physical development has been strongly linked to philosophical thought and literary movements. Its past success in translating philosophical ideas into built form makes it appear inherently stable. However, beneath this sedate image, Edinburgh has a schizophrenic character, caught between the rational and the irrational, between nostalgia and modernity, between the urban centre and the natural edge.

Our experience of a city results from a complex interplay between its physical forms, its cultural facets and our emotional responses. Northern City represents Edinburgh through contrasting modes of enquiry in four collaborations between leading Scottish-based architectural practices and award winning artists, resulting in a series of visual essays which, taken together, form fragments of a spatial discourse presented in a series of scales, using different visual devices.

A number of strands run through the work - Edinburgh is a city of light and dark, a city of duality and anxieties that is an exceptional example of "whaur extremes meet"; Patrick Geddes's legacy of a new way of understanding by an optical voyage through a visual encyclopedia; and The Enlightenment and its effect on Edinburgh including its physical expression (Lighthouse exhibition text).

Exhibitors: Metis: Mark Dorrian + Adrian Hawker and Victoria Clare Bernie; GROSS. MAX.; Nathan Coley; Dalziel + Scullion; Sutherland Hussey Architects.

Northern City (Between Light and Dark) is curated by Morag Bain and is a National Programme for Architecture exhibition.

The exhibition catalogue features essays by Lucy Bullivant, architectural critic, author (Anglo Files, Responsive Environments) and curator; interdisciplinary scholar, Professor Paul Carter, Faculty of Architecture, Building Planning, University of Mebourne; Brian Edwards, Professor of Architecture at ECA; Neil Gillespie of Rieach and Hall; freelance writer and art consultant Jes Fernie (author of Artists And Architects in Collaboration); Oliver Lowenstein (founder and editor of Fourth Door Review the unique book/magazine exploring the relationships between ecology and technology, art and architecture, and new media and new music); and Dr Richard Williams, lecturer, History of Art, University of Edinburgh, will be published by The Lighthouse. Price £12 from The Lighthouse shop (in person, by telephone on 0141 225 8422 or via

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