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Responsive Environments

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by Lucy Bullivant, V & A Contemporary series, V & A Contemporary, London. Graphic design by GTF.

Now published in a new, larger format, this latest title in the series V&A Contemporary looks at ground-breaking technologically mediated interior design and architecture.

Responsive environments - spaces interacting with people who use them, pass through them or by them - have come to underpin our living and working environments. While CCTV and personal devices such as the iPod are now ubiquitous, creative fusions of design and embedded technologies have also been appearing in museums, galleries and urban places.

Responsive environments tells the story of how an exclusive selection of spatial interactive designs came into being during the last fifteen years amidst a cultural context of growing multidisciplinary activity in art, architecture and design. This unique account draws on the author's interviews with the designers, architects and artists featured, and sheds fresh light on the ways new technologies are being harnessed as well as the experiential effects of installations.

£24.99 paperback
100 colour illustrations
Publication date: July 2006

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