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H*O*R*T*U*S: roundtable discussion, Architectural Association

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H*O*R*T*U*S stimulates the emergence of novel material practices and related spatial narratives. In this exhibition related event, Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, founders of ecoLogicStudio, discuss with guests the design philosophy of the project and its relevance for contemporary architecture and urban design. The event is structured around three 'moments': two conversations and a hands-on harvest event, which will see the public engaging directly with the garden.

Conversation One: H*O*R*T*U*S 'How To' presented the design&make of the prototype installation and the potential applicability of these emergent materials and spatial protocols for masterplanning in large regional landscapes. The conversation will unveil the details of the biological mechanisms at work, as well as the algorithmic design technique employed, the sensing and actuating devices and innovative digital interfaces embedded in the gardening apparatus.

Conversation Two: 'Systemic Design as Critical Practice' involved critical thinkers and designers, discussing how systemic design practices can acquire a critical role in shaping a new notion of urban ecology within contemporary architectural discourse.

The evening ended with 'The Harvest'; a hands-on event curated by the students of AA Inter10 where saturated photo-bioreactors will be harvested.

17.00: Introduction

17.15: H*O*R*T*U*S 'How To', Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero, directors of ecoLogicStudio and AA Inter10 Unit Masters with: Catherine Legrand, evolution biologist; Simon Park, Biolumenescence; Mats Broden, knowledge-sharing; Immanuel Koh, digital interface; Andrea Bugli, ecoLogicStudio, parametric design

18.15: 'Systemic Design as Critical Practice', Lucy Bullivant with: Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto; Alisa Andrasek, Biothing, AA, Bartlett; Alex Haw, Atmos, RCA

19.30: The Harvest, Front Members' Room and AA Bar, curated by AA Inter10 students

Practice1: bio-oil extraction

Practice2: cooking super-snacks

Practice3: weaving bio-fabrics