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features is a new webzine of critical perspectives on contemporary urban design and its responses to social, cultural, political and economic forces globally, which I founded in 2012 and went live in Beta format on 6 February 2013. Why Urbanista? is the inaugural pilot issue. A lot of good stories about these topics are overlooked or remain untold.'s incisive global radar will unfold narratives enabling it to operate as a unique media platform in a field undergoing inexorable challenges. It has been designed by &&&, London, a design agency reclaiming graphic design in the purest form as a powerful tool to intuitively communicate across all platforms.

The launch party was held on 11 March 2013 at LimeWharf, a new futures gallery founded by Thomas Ugo Ermacora, in Bethnal Green, London E2, with talks by Simon Brown, Director of &&&, graphic design and digital consultant; Nico Macdonald, contributor to the first issue, the Director of Spy, commentator, facilitator and consultant on innovation and creativity, and Alisa Andrasek, Director of Biothing, architect.

Here is some of the fabulous global feedback I've received in response to the launch issue:

It is wonderful that there is a website like that focusses on current topics about urbanism on so many different levels. Questions concerning the future of the city, sustainability in cities, geographical, political and social changes are of course issues that all architects and planners need to keep abreast of and it is particularly interesting to see the attention that is given on to conferences and news about the latest urban topics, with in depth analysis by Lucy Bullivant. It will no doubt create excellent spin-off for further discussions within the field as attention for the platform grows. Ben van Berkel, Co-Founder and Principal Architect, UNStudio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Urbanista was really striking to me, as most/all other media concerning urbanism or master planning look either boring or esoteric. You have achieved something quite unprecedented! Alessandra Cianchetta, Architect & Landscape Architect, RIBA, Partner, AWP agence de reconfiguration territoriale, Paris, France
Best wishes and congratulations on Urbanista. Just finished your first pilot issue. Great incisive and thoughtful writing and looks very sharp also. I'll spread the word amongst my contacts. I trust you'll get great traction with your initiative. Shane Thompson, Principal, Adjunct Professor UQ, President RAIA Qld Chapter, Brisbane, Australia.
Urbanista looks great, congratulations! It is fantastic there is another forum out there. Please do let me know if you are having any other events as I would love to attend. Matthew Butcher, Director, PostWorks, London.
Well done - a breath of fresh air! Deborah Saunt, co-founder, DSDHArchitects, London.
Congrats for - great idea!! Amazing and so necessary!! Ariadna Cantis, architecture curator, Madrid, Spain.
I want to congratulate you for your new project. It is fresh, appealing and with a language broad enough to include a large audience. Inês Moreira, architect, researcher and curator, Oporto, Portugal. &&&