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Lucy presented a paper on Electronic Surfaces and Interactivity in Architecture at The Urban Picture, an Art & Architecture magazine/Landor conference held at the Lewis Media Centre, London SW1 on 6 July 2006.

The conference explored the potential use of the moving image in the visual arena of our public spaces and the creation of large scale permanent artwork for the public environment. The combination of new technology and creative thinking on urban design has evolved a canvas for new and emergent digital media, interactive art, outdoor screens, external cinema and responsive architecture.

Key professional practitioners working in the area of contemporary new media and the design and management of the public realm will present current practical experience, projects and research in the fields of art, architecture, urban studies and digital culture.

The conference examined the growing infrastructure of giant public screens and external moving image displays that are becoming a major aspect of city-centre entertainment, and the mediation of commercial and artistic applications. It further investigated the appropriate use of these urban screens and question their dominant use for commercial and marketing purposes, and the opportunities for smaller scale creative projects with more local resonance.

It also explored the issue of how alternative cultural programmes can engage a wider audience and contribute to fuller interactive participation and broader community involvement, and the role of creative media artists as key figures in the evolution of new concepts for art in the public realm and regeneration of the built environment, and the institutional response to this opportunity to add a new dimension to our cultural life.

Chairs: Nicky Hamlyn, Filmmaker, Writer, & Lecturer, University College for the Creative Arts, Jeremy Hunt, Editor, Art & Architecture Journal, Colin Davis, Director, Colin Davis Associates.

Speakers: Mike Gibbons, Chief Project Manager, BBC Live Events; Shane Walter, Director, onedotzero; Mirjam Struppek, Curator of Urban Screens 05 & Amsterdam based Urbanist, Researcher and Consultant for Urban Space, Public Sphere and the New Media; David Gryn, Director, Artprojx; Steve Manthorp, Coordinator of Digital North & Board Director of Film and Video Umbrella; Gini Simpson, Head of Media Arts, SPACE; Michael Pinsky, Artist; Gill Cooper, Head of Arts and Culture, City of York Council; Dan Dubowitz, Artist & Director of Civic Works; Lucy Bullivant, Architectural Critic, Author and Curator; Daniel Harris, Media & Space Designer