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An exhibition of speculative prototypes by twenty-five of the most interesting young industrial designers now working in Britain. Unlike many design shows, working technology is an intrinsic part of many of the prototypes and in many cases, the design stems from a collaboration with a manufacturer active in the creative harnessing of new technologies, materials, processes and markets. Leading Edge argues that much experimental design during the 1980s has been banal, mainly because it operated separately from the producers of new technology. The exhibition marks a transition to a time when avant garde design embarked on a new relationship with technology and production.

Exhibitors: Richard Appleby, Paul Atkinson, Durrell Bishop, Simon Bolton, Nicholas Brawne, Timothy Brown, Andrew Davey, Philip Davies, Anthony Dunne, Geoffrey Hollington, Uri Friedlander, Shiu-Kay Kan, Lovegrove and Brown, Cordula Nies-Friedlander, Nicholas Oakley, Pirate Design, Paul Priestman, Product First, Ivo Rousham/Christopher Stringer/Jonathan Miles, Winfried Scheuer, Karen Strange, Christopher Stringer, Daniel Weil and Gerard Taylor.

Exhibition curator: Lucy Bullivant for Design Analysis International · Exhibition director: John Thackara · Catalogue text: John Thackara ·  Catalogue design: Paul Elliman · Photography: Mark Lewis

Sponsors: AXIS Inc, The British Embassy in Japan, The British Council, Japan Art and Culture Foundation for MITI, Royal College of Art, Austin Rover Japan, Great Britain-Sasakawa Foundation
Venues: AXIS Centre, Tokyo, Dec 1988-Jan 1989; Toyama, Kawasaki and tour, 1989