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How can architecture be made capable of dialogue through the integration of electronic media into the urban context? Christian Moeller is a leading pioneer in the design of interactive architectural and electronic media installations. He harnesses sound, light, weather conditions, movements of the body and human emotions to create spaces that are responsive and manipulable. Tonight, in a rare public lecture, Moeller explains the aims of his digital/analogue works and talks with London-based, RIBA Award 2004- winning architect Shona Kitchen about architecture as an art of reactive signs and cognitive, sensory manipulation. Moeller is Professor of Design/Media Arts at UCLA; his ground-breaking installations include the 'Light + Audio Park - the Party Effect'; 'Kinetic Light Sculpture', and 'Audio Grove'; his latest book is 'A Time and Place', Christian Moeller, media architecture 1991-2003, published by Lars Müller, Switzerland.

1 July 2004, 18:45, ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
Curator & chair: Lucy Bullivant. Supported by the Science Museum, London.

Touch Me, a major new work by Moeller is included in the Science Museum's new gallery, Energy - fuelling the future, curated by Hannah Redler. Particles and Insound Out are art works by Moeller installed in the Science Museum's Wellcome Wing in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

A Time and Place, Christian Moeller, media architecture, 1991-2003, available from the ICA Bookshop, published June 2004 by Lars Müller Publishers, Baden/Switzerland. ISBN 3-907078-91-8