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The far-reaching potential of interdisciplinary practices in and beyond professional architecture, encompassing new technologies, the visual arts, poetry and music, was the focus for the third series of the acclaimed architectural talks series, Spaced Out, including eight evening seminars and one all-day conference were staged at the ICA, London, between 18 February and 18 June 1997. The events were curated by Lucy Bullivant following an invitation to her by ICA Talks, with the exception of two of the seminars, The Perception of Space and Autopoetic Architecture described below, curated by Alan Read, Director of Talks, ICA.

Spaced Out III was funded by the Arts Council of England

Smart Practices in a complex world

A conference exploring the expressive potential and changes in patterns of human interaction made possible by new technologies. Keynote speakers: Krzsztof Wodiczko, acclaimed Polish artists, theorists of public art and Head of Research, Interrogative Design Group, MIT; Christian Möller, German architect, previously Professor in charge of the Austrian interactive media lab ARCHIMEDIA, Linz; Kei'ichi Irie, the experimental Japanese architect; London-based conceptual designers Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby of Dunne + Raby; Ole Bouman, cultural historian and editor-in-chief of Archis magazine for architecture, the city and visual culture (now 'Volume') and Professor Marco Susani, Director of the Research Centre at the Domus Academy, Milan, Italy's foremost school and centre of design.

Autopoetic Architecture: the open city

Ritoque Chile, with Anne Pendleton-Jullian, the author of The Road that is not a Road: The Open City Ritoque, Chile (MIT Press), Associate Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Principal Architect with Atelier Jullian and Pendleton in Boston.


with architects Caruso St John in discussion with client Peter Jenkinson about the commission to design an art gallery and public square in Walsall,, completed in 1998, and artists Richard Wentworth and Catherine Yass who they involved in the making of the public spaces.

MUF: observation and representation

with MUF Architects, a practice led by architects and artists Juliet Bidgood, Katherine Clarke, Liza Fior and Cathy Hawley, discussing together with the late writer and architect Katherine Shonfield their commission for the environmental and urban regeneration of Southwark Street, their working methods and the cultural politics of representation and accountability.

Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem

the emotional impact of architectural definition: two of Belgium's leading architects, who work together with public and private clients, and have frequently collaborated with international artists such as Juan Muñoz, Cristina Iglesias and Isa Genzken.

François Roche

chameleon architecture, an event illuminating the organic, oppositional architectural projects of François Roche and Stéphanie Lavaux of Roche DSV.

Agriarchitecture: Hombroich and the hermetic

Sculptor and Hombroich board member Oliver Kruse and the architect Claudio Silvestrin discussing the German cultural project, the core of which is the Museum Insel, a regenerated park and marsh landscape with edifices by the sculptor Erwin Heerich.

The Perception of Space

artist Antoni Malinowski, architect Jean Michel Crettaz and Katherine Feary of Feary and Heron Architects reflect on the perception of space underlying the languages and tactics architects and artists use to articulate their work.

Van Berkel en Bos

Continuous Relations: Ben van Berkel talking about the adherence of the leading Dutch practice - now known as UN Studio - to a flexible evolutionary design process and its use of the diagram as much more than just a technique.