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Lucy chaired a debate session, Small is Beautiful: Micro-Design for Contemporary Living, held on March 14 2007 as part of 14 Days to Save the World, a two-day conference staged by Sustain magazine at the Rich Mix Centre, London.

The session explored the issues surrounding development and innovation in micro-design solutions for contemporary lifestyles and responsible business practices. From commercial markets and consumer trends, through to the challenge of small-scale engineering and the requirement for socio-cultural reframing - is it more a matter of technology and timeframes, or materialism and mindsets? Is micro-design primarily responding to the environmental imperative and the ethical agenda, or to the minimalist lifestyle aspirations of the nano-sophisticates of the iPod generation? Small might be beautiful, but is it sustainable?

The speakers were Keith Johnston, MD, GoinGreen; Sue Riddlestone, MD, BioRegional MiniMills and Phyllis Richardson, author of XS: Big Ideas, Small Buildings, Thames & Hudson, 2001.

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