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For the Urban Screens 2007 conference in Manchester (11-12 Oct 2007) Lucy chaired Animated Architecture, a Focus Session on 11 Oct. The event was staged as part of Urban Screens Manchester 07, a four-day programme of art and events in the centre of the city, curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko. The conference explored the cultural potential of public displays, focussing on the development of non-commercial content for urban displays such as LED, media facades and projections onto buildings.

Thematic outline of Animated Architecture:
Since the nineties innovative light and control systems have transmuted entire buildings into moving image screens whose impact on their surroundings is massive. How can a building's structure and its dynamic skin form a sustainable symbiosis? Which types of interaction and input interfaces suit a media façade? Which content and aesthetics avert visual pollution through gigantic images? And in whose interest are these media platforms created?

Els Vermang, LAb[au], Brussels: From Architecture to Metadesign
David Lakin, Arup, London: The Active Façade - Making a Building Become a Screen
Alexander Stublic, Mader Stubli-Wiermann, Berlin: Adding Layers

Lab[au], Who's Afraid of Red, Green and Blue light art series
Dexia Tower, Brussels

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